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Idle Angels

Idle Angels

Idle Angels

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Aside from the heavy pay-to-win aspect, I absolutely love this game. The art is great (booba = me happy) and the story literally gives me life (no, really, just read it, it's actually pretty interesting) and I love collecting skins (more booba!) for my characters. Gameplay is standard turn-based game style, and I'm pretty fond of the idle reward system. Zeus and Nuit are my favorite characters. The protagonist of the story is also really pretty :) Note: The booba starts off quite difficult to unlock, so you have to be patient. You need to wait until you unlock the higher-level skins for your characters, which need lots and lots of Fashion Tickets (or whatever they're called) Edit: Omg Himiko is so 💅💅💅 I love her too



одной руклй играется и ладно, а так игра оченб сильно развилась, игоал в нее еще на старте, сырая была.. ух, но куча доната конечно никуда не делась

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