Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE | Global

Luna Scarlet


First, the PROS, the gameplay is awesome, sound is superb, the story is decent and the graphics are... pleasant...

For the CONS, for me, its greatest con is its monetization, its on a barely tolerable levels of predatory. Here's a breakdown as to why I think that is. It has, Flash sales on a limited timer, packages that are barely or half a 10 pull, milestone packages, battle pass system, no pity/spark system (there is a wish selector where you "SPECIFY" your SSR, the catch is IF you get the an SSR and also, the selector requires 15, consisting of 5 for each faction, basically, you'll struggle to get what you need/want, but this is bad too since the strongest units/faction are unselectable), character duplication upgrade system(to limit break, you need dupes of a character), a lot of types of currency, subcription plans (way too expensive from standard), and its greatest sin of all, they separate the premium currency from "free" and "paid" and they dont specify on their packages if they are selling you the free or paid version. The only good thing I saw was that the skin is straight up paid in cash, but this still a bad thing considering that ARKNIGHTS skins can be purchase without spending a dime.

OVERALL, its great game but the monetization is predatory, at least there is no VIP system or features behind a paywall. So, if you can stomach the monetization, give a shot, its a fun, hard and challenging game where, it may have auto, but you still need control it from time to time (especially boss fights) as they are hard and will require your attention, plus its greatest feature is its "art'...

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I warn you. DON'T PLAY this game. Difficult to handle and must stay focus everytime makes you get tired soon. Last play this game I realized this is just for smart people who understand physics, especially on ass. I mean it's just like up and down so what the point on watching ass?? Smart , stay focus, and ability to play in one hand, is not our speciality!



I updated my review. Yes, the gameplay is appealing but sadly, i don't see a bright future for this game. Given that 10Cent is in charge, the shop is expensive af, more important, the game is leaning to CENSORSHIP. The gacha rate is bad, enemies health scale is way off from players dmg esp starting from chap 12. #10centout.

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