Osomatsu san's Neet Entertainment Production

Osomatsu san's Neet Entertainment Production




Cute, otome adjacent game where you act as a manager for the Matsuno bros. in an AU where they are aspiring talent at the agency you work for. Totally free to play as long as you're patient and not the type that powers through everything in one sitting. You're given 30 points of in game currency each day (15 of those are from watching ads) which is enough to complete 2 episodes a day. I've only played through Karamatsu's route so far, and while story and writing aren't exactly groundbreaking, it's cute and I laughed out loud several times. It's not voiced, save from some sound bytes here and there and music can get a little repetitive.

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the game is pretty laggy, but still good and i got horny over kara, ichi, and jyushi. theyre pretty hot and sexy so yeah.

Mint Tea


Here's yet another Osomatsu game, but this time it's light otome. There's 6 different storylines (one for each brother), which has two endings each. Getting a specific ending depends on how you answer questions or make choices. Once you get an ending, it unlocks a bromide. There's a huge negative though. While this is technically free-to-play, your conversation points refill very slowly. Buying points vary from $3-5. Buying a storyline outright is $30. These are insane prices for a cheaply made game with little to unlock. Also there are so many ads that block the content on certain screens. (Whether or not you made a point purchase.) Not to mention they can be buggy also. The sprites are similar to Tabimatsu, but now animated which is cool. Overall, the game is not worth the money but it is a cute spinoff game.

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