Ever Translator (Screen translate)

Ever Translator (Screen translate)

Ever Translator (Screen translate)



I have no crashing with this app. It's very stable for me. The stability may be a handset by handset issue. It's very good for the price of free and gets better with every update.

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Perfect for playing story heavy games like FGO. Works fantastic and translation are decent and it is very easy and convinient to use. Definitly reccomend👍



Its really nice, only complaint i have about it is i thought it was going to be like the QooApp Translator via Servant, but other than that its really good. Edit. - After using the app for awhile, the app rarely fails to load translations but still bugs out (As in gives the translation pop up but the screen/pop up is clear), Also the if the app crashes exit out of the app you're currently using and check the home screen, if it's not there it actually crashed. *Tip* Also i found that Microsoft Azure Yes it takes longer to translate but it gives a better translation over the other ones. (For JP Translations atleast).

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