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Action Taimanin | Japanese

Action Taimanin | Japanese

Action Taimanin | Japanese



Yeah, it's pretty standard hack and slash game. There is no combination when attacking or something else that will make this game stand out (except those boing-boing characters), it's getting kinda boring after a few days playing it.

Honestly, i just play this game because i know the original series, from the visual novels and the animated ones. However, the 3D models are amazingly beautiful, the vfx on the attacks, etc. It's pretty friendly on gacha stuffs, free ticket and 3% chances are not a bad deal at all. Overall it's not a bad experience, give it a try for yourself.

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i wish i could play with just one hand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Antoine Marshall


Give me Annerose Vajra!!!

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