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Echocalypse | Japanese

Echocalypse | Japanese

Echocalypse | Japanese



Tutorial is still too long.
Lazy gameplay, but still need a chara placement strategy.
Bet that their main revenue is from skin/costume.

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It's the same as the SEA version of the game in terms of how censored/uncensored it is, very cultured. I was hoping to see a nipple in the JP version, but one could only hope. [不滿]



Hey,folks. Welcome to MokzZ Gaming Channel.In today video, we talking about how to efficient reroll SSR guides, Redeem-Codes& more when it comes to Echocalypse 緋紅の神約. Honestly,this game still be Soft- Launch period in 'SEA' and Japan region,not United States. Echocalypse -緋紅の神約: How To Efficient Way To Reroll SSR,Redeem Codes,Rumor & Big Bug? Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5v49-K6i-Y ⭐ TIMESTAMPS ⭐ 00:00- Intro 01:04- Summary of how to reroll SSR 01:32- Reroll Guides 02:27- Tips 1 & Redeem Codes 05:02- Tips 2 05:22- Recommended Characters 06:00- About Rumor 06:14- About pre-registration reward 06:23- A Big Bug? 07:02- Frist impression

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