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光隙解語 | 繁中版

光隙解語 | 繁中版

光隙解語 | 繁中版



So,after playing for a couple of hours I can say it's pretty interesting game. The pulls I did are somewhat decent and the story is ok. But, the game needs VPN to work (I'm in Europe) and it's always freezing and crashing randomly (I don't know is it due VPN connection or the game has a bug). If this issue is resolved, it's gon6be fun times with this game. 😁👍

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光隙解語 KLIGHT Gameplay: https://youtu.be/T_juT10drGk



UmU let's see where should i start.. the game is pretty good somehow its has a unique 👇 ~ gameplay: for a story campaign it's like open world mmorpg style where has auto but when you facing enemy it's change to deploy tactic okay here you gotta deploy your heroes they has a lot class like assault for dps guard as defender emm i guess you guys got tha idea ~ graphics emm the action effect is oke i love the animation cut scenes even 3 start character has a cut scenes for their skill ~ okay the important thing. grinding and character development so grinding has a good mechanism you can consecutive the operation and you can let it running background . for character upgrading pretty fast and need a dupe for unlocking potential similar to arknights ~ character design they all has a big mountain hot and spicy [不滿] no hornëy pls .. they were all beautiful and unique here you got lolies tidies super hot mommy what else ? that's all oh and the game deserve a better rating .. and for me it's a good game

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