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Mystery Solving! Mieruko-Chan

Mystery Solving! Mieruko-Chan

Mystery Solving! Mieruko-Chan



Quick Glance Review (Bite Size! Now with punchline!)
I really love the anime...but I have to say: Just stay away from this. The number of ads is...on RAPID FIRE MODE.

There is no story in this game and the gameplay is the usual, Question-Spot & Identify the Answer mini-game. I stopped playing by Chapter 3. Nothing special, not scary at all...

To sum-up: An absolute disappointment that grinds your soul of excitement to dust. [大哭]
(TL;DR: Game so bad, I wanna kill myself and haunt the developers as a ghost 👻)

(Game is deleted within 5 mins...)

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very very very nice game. i love it and it was very easy as i thought [不滿]



this feel like the most pointless game thats out there. all youre doing is moving the bead to find the hidden image. not that hard considering the size of the area. also they add these rabdom ads in between gameplay like what... the game overall is just boring and pointless. the anime and manga is awsome tho.

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