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Since this mysterious game arise a few months ago, i was expecting big things. They broke my expectation when they gave news this game was gonna be idle games. But sure, after i heard that i would try the game and i do until now.

This idle games really won a high place in the graphic and sound. Jesus, they even use the word 'Lament'. The background of each character with the lore of the setting really good if they know how to use it. Unfortunately, they killed it. I mean, you have good assets;materials to develop this game to have an extraordinary story. They just killed it. Their Graphic and Sound and Lore is their main sellpoint, but why didn't they use it to make the game interesting. Good concept, good idea, good theme. Even they use word like 'Memento Mori', 'Lament' that shows this is a story of dark, despair, regret, revenge, and hope. Just a short introduction story at the begining? damn, i have a lament now for how this game turned out.

Gameplay, this is from my point of view, i check the ranking of top players and past party (a function in the game to see what set of party that already cleared that specific stage/level) they used specific characters. The same characters always used in top rank, and it feels like this 'idle' game has a Meta or tier or something. Less strategy needed since the game didn't explain the role of characters and type. But goddamn, retrying until you're successful is a pain in the arse.

Last thing, this game is so expensive. i had a feeling before they would have a VIP system and it has. Typical idle rpg, you pay more you progress more. Everything in shop is expensive, the only good thing to purchase is that one package that give you SR character and VIP 1. Oh, the rate for SR character is 3.6%. They have wish list system where you can choose which character will appear on higher rate. But still, it's sh*t. SR characters in the gacha pool include R 'awakened' character. 300/pull or 3000/10pull and for the game situation now, it's hard to get that many resource.

Like i stated above, Memento Mori has potential but Bank of Innovation just trying to kill it. I'm sure they have plan to construct the game better, and i wish they find that path and plans to make the game enjoyable and fun. Moreover i wish the game can last for at least 1 year. Good luck.

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To start with, keep in mind that this is an idle AFK rpg. Yes, the gameplay is idle. You can't control anything during battle everything is on auto, you can even skip the battle and jump to result screen to save time. So no, you cant control a character to use what skill or who to target. You can only set them up before battle, make adjustments depending on their skill, and let them be. Outside of boss battle, the game will grind random stages for you so you will always have rewards to claim everytime. Is this f2p friendly? yes and no. You can easily get SSR here, they're pretty generous so far with how easy to get SSR (note that SSR in this game is SR, whereas you can increase their rarity slowly to SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR, UR+, and LR). There are quite few contents to farm on like the towers, cave (roguelike thing with), pvp, guild raid, etc. Im sure you can get SSR's almost every month with all the grinds. You can even set your own wish list characters that will get increased rate to appear when you pull gacha. But yes, P2W is very obvious here, you pay a lot then you will get in higher ranking. The cons is probably you will easily get bored by the gameplay because they dont even show the battle, it just illustrations with animation. You can skip almost every battle to result screen. And there is no stamina so you can pretty much spam the battles when you lose, there is limited time to challenge past battles however. Now lets jump to the pros of the games. The real worth of them: GRAPHIC. When i first see their branched servers and vip system, i was expecting some crappy bucks milking idle game. It is still a buck milking game, its business afterall. But man, how i love the graphic, it has this mysterious and gloomy feel to it. Very fit for the game's theme. The L2D are amazing and smooth, i can watch their animation for hours. SOUND. Each character have THEIR OWN theme song. You heard it right. Every one of them. Their own specific song tied to their background and personality. I love a lot of their songs, they're even sung by famous singers. What's more amazing is they got both Japan and English version, same melody, same song, without losing their own meaning. They really did a very good job on this. I won't argue if this game is actually a music player in disguise. The characters itself is voiced by famous voice actors too, you will probably noticed immediately. STORY. I'll be frank. This game is lacking main story. Only tutorial that tells that the world is devastated by raging witches. You who inherited the staff power will slowly restore the cursed land and save those witches back to their sanity. That's all, and there is no further story. However.... You will be given memories, stories about each characters, story about their pasts. Each narated by the character itself, with a good and emotional voice acting. I almost brought to tears quite a few times reading those. They're very well voiced. Overall. Gameplay is idle game, can easily get boring. The real deal in this game is the masterpiece in their art, the musics, the witches' sad memories. I personally hate most idle game, more over a P2W game with vip system. But the masterpiece in its art is too good for me to pass. This is probably the first time i'm willingly staying on a p2w idle game like this. I actually enjoyed playing casually in it. I can afk in home for hours only listening the song while watching the idle animation. EDIT after few weeks of playing: Good game with trash publisher management. Been weeks and no event. No compensation from maintenances. Just limited banners one after another. So there's that. Turn out it is the typical greedy idle game. Watch out and keep that in mind before trying to play the game for the gameplay. Will be updated if they changed their mind or i quit first.



Memento Mori Gameplay: https://youtu.be/lGlm_X9NlM8

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