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World Flipper | Japanese

World Flipper | Japanese

World Flipper | Japanese



I guess it's just a pinball grind gacha, not much to say. Pixel graphics, but not awesome pixel graphics tbh, just normal ones, kinda lacking for 2020. The soundtrack is amazing though, really catchy, and the visual effects for gacha are even better, they really get to you. New featured character banners can be seen in a video with balanced numbers so you see what they do without depending on external sources, so that's good too. Rates are also very good.
No need to worry about toxic PVP because there is none, and unlike other of their games there is no "blue chest" mechanic requiring more damage from you than your helpers.
Story is just as generic as it gets, IDK if it gets better at the end, but I started skipping after world 2, couldn't bother to lose time reading it, no VA also makes it even worse.
Stamina gated, but not a real issue since the gameplay gets REALLY tedious, it's great for a casual pinball game, BUT, at the same time, you can't call a game "casual" when you need stats to actually clear it, so it's kinda in a weird spot of "must grind" but "too boring to grind and gated".
Not many better casual games out there, so might as well give it a chance, but it's probably going to bore you to death after 2 weeks to 1 month.
I'm not even going to mention their rebalance patches cuz you can see a lot of other comments screaming about it :D

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People need to stop giving the game 1 star just because there's a server problem. Server issues get fixed, you just have to wait a bit or keep trying. Have some patience. This game is absolutely amazing and I haven't found anything like it on the store yet. The gameplay is different and interesting, the pixel graphics are just MMMM SO CUTE and the art is amazing! Thank you for another hit, Cygames. I hope this gets translated someday!



its a great game, blablablabla wind element too op blablablablabla, nerfed blablablabla it was balance issue blablabla, great pixel animation, blablabla ppl with small pp got butthurt since their team no longer op blablabla. im just a filthy casul, give me more energy for playing. who cares about meta and whatnot.

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