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MARVEL Super War | Global

MARVEL Super War | Global

MARVEL Super War | Global



Just reached Platinum so here's my thoughts:
- They nailed the marvel characters, good set of skills, everyone has their own "specialty", decent to great VAs (depend on characters)
- Great graphics, intuitive and detailed UI
- Great soundtrack and SFX
- Has no "rune system", everyone has access to a set of "Modules" they can adjust on each hero
- Everyone has access to all "add on skills" like blink and teleport
- Module system is not as comprehensive as Onmyoji Arena
- Gears don't offer a lot yet, minimizing play styles
- Slow matchmaking, considering still relatively low player base
- Not easy enough to generate gold to buy new heroes, new players will struggle to even enter ranked mode. Unlike other Mobas that gives you 5 or more heroes to start. This one only gives Hulk and Hawkeye
- Not enough "event" or "mission" and rewards to keep players engaged to the game

All in all, it's an amazing Moba if you like the Marvel IP, but only decent if you're not. Might struggle against ML, AOV and EO. Eventually will be challenged by LOL. So, might want to try this game now while it's still "hot".

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Game is fun but its only available in asia so ping sucks.



we need this game on Russian servers!!! pls!!!

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