Goblin Slayer: The Endless Revenge

Goblin Slayer: The Endless Revenge

Goblin Slayer: The Endless Revenge

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Shio Senpai


It's just like Fruit Ninja® Just chest only no gacha No story quest I love this game but I kinda don't like slide slash [驚訝][驚訝][驚訝]



(Updated; quality of the review is upgraded) TL;DR: TMW you have a good title famous for gore and horny goblins, you shape it into a game with low skill cap, max. P2W system, decades of grinding to level up and years of waiting to open loot boxes. They don't even have animations for you to spam while you wait for eternity for that box to be opened... Difficulty according to progress: Early Game - Fair Mid Game - Struggle Late Game - HOURS OF GRINDING AND YEARS OF YAWNING...I meant waiting... End Game - I learn kungfu, swing a sword and kill actual goblins while waiting...for that box...to be opened... Detailed review: It's so bad that I have to write this to warn anyone. This is a 1st-person shooting game, so it's going to be quite boring...worst of all, you have to wait for hours before you find out what you get in the end. The grinding is way too demanding and leveling up is even worse. There is no actual gacha but you have loot boxes, but you can only open one box each time...it takes days to open all your good ones... But it sticks to the fact, fighting goblins is no mundane like your average games, so HUNT 100,000 goblins first before you venture off into the depths and unknown.

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