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My Child Lebensborn (Trial)

My Child Lebensborn (Trial)

My Child Lebensborn (Trial)



Dios, tal vez pude tomar mejores elecciones al principio pero no he podido soltarle, sentí que criaba a mi propio hijo y no he podido evitar llorar en varios momentos, me encantó demasiado.

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Violet Neko


I played the trial of this game twice, and here's my review: Good : The storyline is very great, it shows the struggles of a child who's born out of marriage and his/her guardian(which is the player). The players have to be very careful with their choices and how they spend their time as to provide their child a happy life (as much as they can). Overall, it's good. Bad : Why do I have to pay for this gem? I love Karin so much-



игра классная, но я купила ей ранец и у меня не осталось денег на еду👍

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