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Girls' Frontline | English

Girls' Frontline | English

Girls' Frontline



Great game indeed, dont really need much luck to gid gud. If we talkin about tier, ur in the wrong discussion. Tier isn't needed in this game, but yeah the more stars the character has the better skill it is

The visual is appealing, the chibis, illustrations, etc. even the Live 2D. And of course, the damaged illustrations. [委屈]

The gameplay itself is one of many games that uses strategies, both moving and battling. Moving turn needs a proper plan because there is no such thing as undo. Battle turn needs player control too (unless if ur strong enough).

Storyline is deep and not a crappy writing, the flow is understandable in giving the explanation about setting, what purpose do we the character have, the development through the story as well as the development of characters.

Gotta love how they deliver each characters personality to the players. The dialogue is interesting and interpreting the characteristic each character pretty well.

The gacha system is kind, if u dont have the character through gacha, u can use another method to get the character through grinding, it may take some time to show up but at least u dont have to go through gacha to get it. Not all higher character is useful, every character has unique capability/skill.

The only thing to pay doesnt really much affect the gameplay, mainly only change the visual and other supporting stuff.

No stamina system, but manage your own resource to get stronger. This kind of system doesn't 'force' you to play. Play this game with your own time. Effort will be rewarded.

The game is generous enough to give weekly gems, but yeah the skin in shop is kinda expensive.

This may be not implemented yet, but if in the future update they don't change the 'SF Capture' system.. Well this review will be go downside.

Overall it's worth it to play and invest ur time and even spending some real money to support the game. Enjoy the orchestra and buy YZ his ferrari go brrr

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Rendy Rianda


better than fortnite



Game Content: 2.95GB Japanese VO: 300MB I play a lot of mobile junk, so I'm shocked to report that this cute waifu-bait tactics game is actually great. Compared to recent mobile games I've played recently (like The Alchemist Code), Girls' Frontline has more tactics in it than I'm used to seeing. Ex: squad formations; unit classes composition; microing units to minimize injuries; pulling squads out mid-mission for repairs, and then dropping in a replacement squad, etc. Girls' Frontline's business model isn't remotely as egregious as other mobile games I play. • Instead of waiting a long time (or paying) for your "play-energy" to refill, you can send squads to collect even more, in the form of Man-power, Ammo, Rations, and Parts. This way you can continue battling with your other squads. • Instead of requiring rare (or purchasable) premium currency for gachas pulls, you use those resources to gacha pull characters and equipment. The game can be played absolutely for free, with m

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