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Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English

Fate/Grand Order | English



Bring an old Visual Novel into mobile game then develop it, FGO is a great game. The visual is great, they even improve some characters attack animation and noble phantasm animation. The gameplay is simple but interesting, it doesnt just choose random moves and need strategies. The storyline is great creating something fictional and mixing it with history then make it enjoyable isnt an easy task. Then the gachaish thing. The gacha is kinda famous for their torture, sometimes i can hear someone screaming with their blood and tears in my dreams.

Grind all you want, make your servants stronger even though it's 2 or 3 stars. Yes, it can clear the story but thats not this game 'main sellpoint'. I have to keep grinding even though my servants manage to pass those story and events, and i keep farming and stack those materials hoping for 5* servant to show up so i can instantly raise my servant. I give up on this game because of that, tired of grinding for character u want but didnt have it. But still, if you're ignoring this game 'main sellpoint', it is a good game.

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I had a house before

wil alex


This is how mobile games should be. Also one of the saltiest mobile game out there. It is like having succubus as your girlfriend, it sucks you drain but you will always come back for more [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

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