Iron Saga - Battle Mecha | English

Iron Saga - Battle Mecha | English

Iron Saga - Battle Mecha | English

Hender Wiz


Great sound, original gameplay, superb art, but mediocre story

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A good game ruined by the worst translation and optimitzation I've ever seen. Some sentences seem straight outta google translate, they dont introduce any chara so suddenly you are becas and there is some gal called guinevere and you've gotta fight with mechas? the gacha is... man. its shit. the art is pretty good but can be overshadowed by many other games lol sound is meh. gameplay could be better optimized but is not bad. all in all? this dnglish ver is awful.



Very good game with deep customization system for mecha. The combat is automatic which may turn off someone looking for an action-inducing gameplay. However, if you are looking for a strategic game then this might be for you. Pilots, co-pilot, equipments, pet systems can change the playstyle of your mech drastically and the game encourage you to try and build your own mech. With the restore system and a little bit of gold you can get back all your investment without having to grind again to build another mech. Now I must say as first glance the game might appear to be p2w with mech gacha, dupe systen and pilot gacha. However, for pilot you can get for free if you have patience thanks to its bar system. Most of mecha in the game can be farmed for free with Black Market, where you can buy shards, and random events appearing in main story. With enough patience and good management you can get great SSS mech without spending too much. And A mechs are actually good, they can be upgraded without dupe and will carry you through to late game. For the main source of gems, it comes from PvP. However, the rank in pvp system are dictated through frequency of participating and not winning. Hence, even if you are underleveled you still can get lot of gems. I apologize for my rather long review. But I hope it would encourage some people to give the game a chance and enjoy it.[厲害]

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