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Yggdra Resonance | Japanese

Yggdra Resonance | Japanese

Yggdra Resonance | Japanese



A fairly decent game so far. Btw,are there any valid gift codes?

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ユグドラ・レゾナンス | Yggdra Resonance Gameplay: https://youtu.be/Y-dScONDlpI



well well well... is this good game? well, you like pricone? you love BOOBA AND THI-... Ehm, i mean the gameplay is ok its clasic TB more like epic seven with pricone elements, graphics and visual is beautiful, gacha? uh...yeah good luck, story? oh hell yeah! im too lazy to translate (; ̄ ³ ̄). overall this is good game 8/10 . edit:I've seen news that DEV always change regions of this game in less than a year, well... I don't know that but for now don't spend your money here. I'm just afraid you'll regret losing your progress, for now I'm still playing this cuz... should I repeat? FOR THIGS AND BOOBA!

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