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Moon Rabbit Raising

Moon Rabbit Raising

Moon Rabbit Raising

Telstra Roenssel


first off, this game majorly is an AFK game but doing manual play can let you pull off cool combos where u should have 10sec cd on a skill into spamming said skill 3x if done right

GRAPHIC is simple but really cute. u got cuties u can always level up and grind for. what else do u need?

SOUND.. is good and variative for each skill voice but lacking in variation when idle. The musics are nothing like typical generic anime game opening. it is good and got that divine vibe.

GAMEPLAY. mostly AFK as mentioned first. manual play for better combos. basically it is grind griiiind GriiIiiIIiiNnnNNnddDDd like madlads then enjoy the feeling of raising 2 bunny and cat girl cuties hehe.
AND there is no wasted grind since collecting stuffs also increases in combat power.
minimum DAILIES is really short, just a few taps and 3mins worth of ads if u dont pay a bit. wont even take 10 mins if done right and u can allocate more time if u want to maximaze ur rewards. The game modes so far are AFK grind, daily dungeons, and many kinds of abyss / defense / boss stage. do watch out that the numbers are really over-the-top or skewed. imagine using 2 000 000 000 000 gold for 1 upgrade from lv 37000 atk stats to lv 37001 atk stats haha.

STORYLINE is so simple and generic that u can remember them from one look. but still amusing/entertaining enough for me since it was done by 2 cuties kek

VALUE real nice one for long term play, isnt time demanding, never really ends or wont end soon at all since the GgririiIIiIiNNNNnnnnNNnnNNDDDddddDd is REEEAAALLL, perfect for those who cant help to check their phone/game every hour > upgrade a bit like 1-3 minutes then back to work especially if ur phone bothers u a lot when working. Using emulator isnt a bad idea either for almost 24h active AFK grind. Best game to help with gacha urges and attention problems imo.

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Honestly, the game is not that bad. The game itself is pretty easy since it has auto battle. The game is p2w but it is pretty f2w friendly. There is gacha and the tickets is pretty easy to get, also they give gems left and right. the only bad thing is that whenever you get something, there is no inventory to see where to use or the progress of the thing. nonetheless, its pretty fun



This game supports english language. Graphics: It has a cute art, but most of the time it's in chibi mode. Sound: There's voiced character, especially when using skills. Gameplay: It's all about leveling & upgrading. UI is good, you can explore all of menus without loading (kinda all in one page, except when moving to other stage/dungeon). Everything you got will give permanent effects even if it isn't equipped. It's an all auto, but you also can play it manually (move the chara & activate skills). Story: My homeland was being attacked, so I must fight back. In summary, no story. Value: There's no urgency to whale and you can remove all ads for reward permanently with cheap price. Don't forget to check the shop everyday.

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