The Symphony of Dragon and Girls | SEA

The Symphony of Dragon and Girls | SEA

The Symphony of Dragon and Girls | SEA



Ive been playing this game for half a year. Im going to give my honest opinion.

Graphics, honestly, its pretty good. the girls live2d is SO SO good, the rigging is beautiful as well.
Sound is okay, though it does get annoying after a while

The gameplay is eh. You fight other girls, monster, proceed. Arena is lackluster, super arena is basically just "get to the highest rank and farm the automatic special coins". Crystal war i never really participated in, so couldnt give review of that. Guild is also ehh.

Oddly enough, the game is generous on giving you crystal. Theres too much different type of currencies though, i got bored collecting them halfway.

You get the girls easily as well. You star them up, equip with weapon thats already enchanted, and youre good to go. sometimes.

Some girls like SSR girls are weak compared to the newer one. The newer the girl, the more gimicky and tends to be overpowered. There are still some good old ones like Hua Tuo (i forgor her name i keep mistaking it with Hu Tao 💀) which is probably the best healer, and Octavius which does insane amount of damage.

Yeah, the power curve between the newer and old girls are big. And you might never use 70% of the SSR you got, since they're useless (dare i say on par with SR cards)

If you ACTUALLY spent time on increasing the girl's bonding, you could actually unlock their stories. The bond on the Shrine menu is not just for boost, but theres a story for them too. My favourite is still Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu relationship. Its just the way they tell the story is so vague, and also hard sometimes. You could farm the bond material on lost garden, and it does gets repetitive.

Again, their stories are an interesting read. I still wonder why dev doesnt try to make a more effort storyline. Maybe if you piece everything together you could make an almost full timeline, but im lazy.

If the dev fully put effort and flesh out the game, i think this game could be a solid one. But for now, ii nly spent like 10 minutes max on this game everyday.

Is it worth spending money? Absolutely not.

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