How To Raise A Harem | QooApp Exclusive Version

How To Raise A Harem | QooApp Exclusive Version

How To Raise A Harem | QooApp Exclusive Version



So, I started today and I gotta say it's very satisfying to have 10k gems in a game without having to pay a single dime. Besides that, just wanted to let peeps know that the experience had been good. I spent 12 hours so you should know is a very good time killer. The art is nice but some animations are very poor. The story is good but I think it is just too fast-paced. I think a game like this one where there's little to control, should have a bit of extra focus on telling a story with more detail. That's just a personal observation of course. Final thing I want to mention is that I spent $20 just to test the return of it and it is not really worth it. This is a game for whales if you are someone who strives to be on the leaderboard. If you are a casual just like me, every now and then you can spend a bit of money and watch ads every day to support the team developing the game. This is the end of my first impressions of this game.

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Rie Ichinose


The usual idle clone, you have to clear the tutorial and go to settings to change language to english this actually got removed from google playstore cuz well, booba tip, dont upgrade too much 5* units early and mid game cuz you need dupes for them to break content walls later, suggesting to upgrade 4* instead as you can just reset them for cheap once you get enough dupes of girls you like/pulled Graphics: 5/5 top notch 2D graphics, decent-ish chibi characters but you generally only look on the 2D. Sounds: 2/5 not really something to look forward, it's just... there Gameplay: 3/5 pretty bland and slow paced until you hit level 25 and unlock x4 speed and unless if beating your meat is considered a gameplay, 5/5 Storyline: 1/5 long story short from our local pirate senchou "I'm h*rny!" Value: 4/5 decent time waster and actually generous on it's gacha pull Pros: -superb "spiced up" graphics Cons: -not all 4* are released yet it's a good-ish time waster and meat beater

Fate Avelncts


It's reskin of the typical chinese game. Very predatory. They could do better if they put more effort on each character (like certain H-gacha game) But no, it's only plain reskin. Only certain characters have events, and it's only few and locked behind massive paywall or progress. The graphic are nice, but better go to pixiv for eye candies. Sounds are minimal and horrible. Characters only have limited voice lines, and some VA are used again and again in low quality effort. UI are disastrous. Gameplay is meh and old, as you expect from a reskin. Story does not exist, as expected from low effort reskin. Value, better go to someplace else for eye candies. Don't trust the high rating of the game, they give ratings for in game prize.

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