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lol i decided to review roblox cuz why not

pros :
- Many games to choose from, from action and horror to drawing and hangouts, and they are all pretty fun and enjoyable
-You can make many friends there
-You can customize your avatar with a lot of accesories and stuff to choose from, even if you are f2p
-You won't get bored easily, thanks to the variety of games, and yes you might be a picky one and you may struggle to find a game you like, but i promise there is atleast one game that you will enjoy.

cons :
-there are a lot of ripoffs so it might take you a while to find a quality game
- if you don't have any robux then the avatar is gonna look weird and it's not easy to match the free items and clothes you have
- predators. there are a ton of pedophiles and weirdos in this game and that's mainly because this game is for all ages so you will sadly find from kids to old men and since everyone can chat with anyone some children may give away their personal information, which puts them in danger.
-i personally play from both my computer and my mobile phone, and even though the computer gameplay is mostly smooth unless i play some super high quality game, when i play from my mobile there are many times where my camera freezes which makes the game unplayable, or when it doesn't register my taps which makes me lose the game (in most cases)
-TAGS. there are some words, phrases and numbers in general that Roblox doesn't let you to write them in the chat. i might want to say a random number and Roblox turns the numbers into tags. even the phrase "i swear to god" isn't allowed

anyway that's it, i like Roblox a lot, i don't know why the cons look so many but honestly try out this game you won't regret it

p.s. here are some of my favourite games :
-combat warriors
-eg! (no comment please)
-tearose library
-the survey
-dream world

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hello. guys this is cool and u can make friends and free games play it now! enjoy :D! guys add me my user: EndergamingYT_fan😏😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😘



robloc hol up...! this doesnt exactly deserve a 5 star... the admins dont give a shit about what there community says. the moderation is horrible and you can literally get banned for saying "gay" thats homophobic. there is no storyline, its not one of those games, its not an open world or level-type game. theres billions of games out there and you can create a game for free and add friends, after being a player for 7 years, im starting to lose interest sadly. well the admins are still horrible like stop being people over innocent words and no reason. like banning people over literal images that are perfectly fine and sfw. the sound depends actually, however, this game has horrible rep for cultures, races and such. Tons of toxic players, and it's really starting to bore me, it's very laggy and only becoming worse.

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