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Graffiti Smash | Japanese

Graffiti Smash | Japanese

Graffiti Smash | Japanese



Definitely feels like a better Monster Strike, as well as looks like it. Have way more fun playing it than MS, and you get way more freebies it looks like. As a brand new player i was able to complete the brand new Konosuba event day 1 with zero problems and reap all the great rewards.

Its a great choice if you want to play a Slingshot.

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This is one of the best slingshot games out there, not only is it easy to reroll, every character has it's own use for different dungeons.



I love this game. I was looking for a monster strike replacement and this game completely upped that. the gameplay was def. a better version of ms. You are able to play online with other players around the world. the graphic is better. love the summon and there is actual story in the game. I hope this game got more promotion. its def. one of the best one out there.

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