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Yo-kai Watch Gerapo Rhythm

Yo-kai Watch Gerapo Rhythm

妖怪ウォッチ ゲラポリズム

Kristal Parkkila


I love this yo kai watch game brcause it gives be drum game vibes and thats one of my favorite rythm game styles

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Cream Mangle


It's....... absolutely perfect. I don't see, nor hear anything wrong with it. I'll play this game all day, everyday. I have no complaints about it at all. I love how you combine music, and fighting, into something kids friendly. So if you can continue to make Yo-kai games like this, I'll support you guys forever, and ever. even if you don't, I'll still support you forever, and ever.



yokai watch is very underated and misunderstood in the west thanks to marketing making it out as a pokemon slayer when it in fact is its own thing this spin off is a music rhythm game featuring the yokai as bandmembers and lets you enjoy music from the games and anime hopefully it continues to survive unlike the amazing medal wars mobile game 5 stars is free to play and doesnt have that bad of a language barrier so non japanese players shouldnt struggle

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