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Game doesn't even open anymore so don't waste your time. They'll push out an update without any warning (seriously, it's 2022, put up a splash screen saying the server is under maintenance or something instead of just crashing the app) which will force you to uninstall and reinstall the app. And even then, there's no guarantee that will even work.

All the while, since this is an idle game, you will be missing out on idle rewards, daily tasks, and if you're in your first 7 days of the game like I was, you'll miss out on finishing those 7 day tasks before the timer runs out.

The devs won't offer to compensate you for your time or resources lost. They just respond to your email with the same copy-paste BS every crappy customer service rep gives:
"Sorry for the inconvenience, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? Or restarting your device? Or [insert obvious thing anyone would have tried already]."

This is just a crappy idle gacha that has the same problems as every other idle gacha out there right now: poor handling of servers and updates, horrible customer service, and next to no proper communication with the playerbase. The only benefit this game has is the fan service in the amount of cleavage some angels show. If you don't play this while you're horny, you'll see how absolutely mediocre it really is.

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Aside from the heavy pay-to-win aspect, I absolutely love this game. The art is great (booba = me happy) and the story literally gives me life (no, really, just read it, it's actually pretty interesting) and I love collecting skins (more booba!) for my characters. Gameplay is standard turn-based game style, and I'm pretty fond of the idle reward system. Zeus and Nuit are my favorite characters. The protagonist of the story is also really pretty :) Note: The booba starts off quite difficult to unlock, so you have to be patient. You need to wait until you unlock the higher-level skins for your characters, which need lots and lots of Fashion Tickets (or whatever they're called) Edit: Omg Himiko is so 💅💅💅 I love her too



одной руклй играется и ладно, а так игра оченб сильно развилась, игоал в нее еще на старте, сырая была.. ух, но куча доната конечно никуда не делась

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