Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Japanese

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Japanese

Project Sekai Colorful Stage Feat. Hatsune Miku | Japanese



Ok so I completely deleted my old rating cuz this game deserves a better review.

Anyways let's start with a story first!!

One day i was just chilling in my phone and I was searching for games at the google play store. I saw a new game called "Colorful stage ft. Hatsune Miku" so i decided to try it since i liked the way it looked, even though i knew nothing about vocaloids and rhythm games. I really enjoyed playing the game and i was trying to full combo some songs on easy ( spoiler : i failed ). The only song i could fc was Jackpot Sad Girl so i kept playing this one. However, after a week i uninstalled the game cuz i got bored of it. When it was like may 2022 this game became trending on tik tok so i downloaded it once again and i kept playing until i reached lvl. 51. I had plenty of 4* cards and i could fc songs on normal. But a lot of people on tik tok said that the jp server is better than the global and this made me delete the global server and start a completely new game on the jp one. [ Right now I am level 37 and i have only one 4* card even after doing like 200 pulls but at least i improved at the actual game and i can fc songs on hard and I'm trying to do the same on expert! (update : now I'm level 61 and i have two 4* cards lol) (another update : I'm level 74 rn and i got a lot of 4 star cards from the anniversary since i spent 30k diamonds for the gacha and the free 10 gacha pulls tickets, plus i can fc a lot of songs in expert but only until lvl25 I can't fc higher level songs) ]

Ok that is the story let's now proceed to my actual review.

Honestly, i love this game SO much for so many reasons. When i do completely nothing i start having intrusive thoughts and this game helps me clear my mind. I find myself coming back to the game everytime i have nothing to do. This game makes me rage so much all the time when it doesn't register my fingers especially the flick notes but i still love it. And the characters! Oh my gosh i adore these characters so freaking much they all have a place in my heart, especially Mizuki and Rui, my comfort characters. Let's ignore the fact that i kin Mafuyu, Mizuki, Nene and Rui but yes i love them so much. By the way the songs are really good and catchy and i have many of them saved on my phone. Also i can spend hours playing in co-op, spamming my little stupid stickers, playing the random songs, screaming when i lose my combo and disconnecting half of the times.

The only thing i dislike about this game is the gacha rates, they are so low for no reason.

Anyways that's it, thank you for reading my review and have a nice day/night :) [微笑]

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it's gabrielle


Хороший симулятор загрузок. На разный вкус и цвет. Как же я люблю засесть вечерком с чашкой чайка жа любимой загрузочкой. У меня нет друзей, но есть любимые загрузки. Со мной никто не общаеться, парни меня отвергают. Но я нашла девушку, что смотрит загрузки вместе со мной. Мы оба изгои в школе, но это неважно ведь любимые загрузочные экраны всегда с нами. Но в этой игре есть небольшой минус: мои загрузки иногда перебивает тупой геймплей с какими то радужеыми мальчиками и девочками. Нас с моей девушкой это очень злит! Прошу исправить, иначе будем вынуждены поставить одну звезду! Этот разноцветный ужас портит все загрузки.



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