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Vanguard Zero | Japanese

Vanguard Zero | Japanese

Vanguard Zero | Japanese

Raccoon Ch Top Contributor


พรุ่งนี้เซิฟเปิดแล้ว 5/12/2019

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The game is designed to be a really fast version of vanguard where you can't guard with your hand expect by perfect guard example of perfect guard being proc when opp crit when you have 3+dmg a pg will be used to negate that dmg and when you have 5 dmg (try to not get pushed if you can) So the gameplay will be spamming grade 1,2,3 sideway on loop... [懵懂] Grade 2 is basicly taunt from Hearstone instead of intercept where you add shield value to your vg you must attack the grade 2 before attacking the vanguard making it a pseudo perfect guard kinda Grade 3 works as trigger And How to activated the trigger is to send it to the drop zone


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