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Vanguard Zero | Japanese

Vanguard Zero | Japanese

Vanguard Zero | Japanese

Raccoon Ch Top Contributor


พรุ่งนี้เซิฟเปิดแล้ว 5/12/2019

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The game is designed to be a really fast version of vanguard where you can't guard with your hand expect by perfect guard example of perfect guard being proc when opp crit when you have 3+dmg a pg will be used to negate that dmg and when you have 5 dmg (try to not get pushed if you can) So the gameplay will be spamming grade 1,2,3 sideway on loop... [懵懂] Grade 2 is basicly taunt from Hearstone instead of intercept where you add shield value to your vg you must attack the grade 2 before attacking the vanguard making it a pseudo perfect guard kinda Grade 3 works as trigger And How to activated the trigger is to send it to the drop zone

aidan rider


this is not a vanguard game. its a vanguard like game, so you have to remember that first. the gameplay is very different from a normal game of vanguard, its meant to be played as something to satisfy that itch without actually giving you exactly what you want. the game performs well, has some long load times, and although its not a huge issue quite yet, I'm quite certain youll have to spend plenty of cash to keep up with any updates they add as lets face it thats the point of this game. its a little bit too simple of a game however. as the only things that changes what happens is if you play your grade 2s early to guard or later to guard, if you change cards from your starter hand, where you spend your cbs (if you even spend them) and most importantly what your deck is built of. as for the actual gameplay, heres the main differences from normal vanguard. 1. you only play one grade zero, that grade zero being your starting vanguard. 2. triggers are on grade 3s now, and when you do your drive check your checks go back to the bottom of the deck instead of to your hand, UNLESS you get a trigger in which case they go to your drop zone. as well as damage checks now adding +5k power to your vanguard no matter what card is revealed, triggers adding an extra +5k 3. you cant guard or intercept, those now being replaced with grade 2 rearguards needing to be hit before hitting the vanguard, and perfect guards being automatically used (after a drive check even!) automatically from your hand after you've reached a damage threshold, mewning you cant choose when to guard. 4. cards effects are overall different and a bit nerfed, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. 5. decks are built of specifically 1 grade 0, 13 grade 1s, 13 grade 2s, and 13 grade 3s (which are the triggers but have the handy effect of having the ability to change what kind while building your deck) overall the game can be fun, has some pixely visuals at times, but other than that usually looks beautiful, and definitely gives you something dumb and easy to do when youre bored. they could have easily just made a mobile vanguard and it have gone far better however as at this point both games go at around the same speed ending on the first turn either player gets their grade 3. or their second turn after they got it out. edit: as i've played ive noticed several new things. first being you can create the cards by fighting in difficult battles that give you a reward for completing them, these rewards (after hours upon hours of farming) can be used to make any card in the associated clan, and when grinding you choose which ones to grind out. the missions are fun at the beginning but you begin to notice a trend with them where your opponent constantly gets the exact same cards out, and youll also notice artificial difficulty being added where instead of a better deck or better ai, you compete against the same ai, that instead just gets power boosts to all of their cards. edit: second ranked pvp is not actually a thing, the game sends bots to fight you in the players place that could possibly be using a real players deck but could also just be using a base deck that could be harder or easier depending on your rank, some bots even running cray elementals (neutral clan) in their decks. edit: third the game's rng is showing evidence of being completely manufactured. while the luck when it comes to the card drawing is accurate (i even got 8 rrr's within 25 packs, so clearly not bad rng for this) however, the rng when it comes to battling is clearly showing signs of artificial luck. some examples being your opponent consistently getting triggers when needed, to them getting draw truggers whenever you attack them. they also never seem to get a heal trigger when you land the final hit. other examples being you pulling critical triggers more than other triggers when attacked, causing the additional effect to be wasted (even in a deck with less crits than any other trigger this was noticeable) and pulling heal triggers when you have 0 damage or less than your opponent (one game i even got 4 heal triggers in the first 4 turns from being attacked and attacking, none of which healed me) or when you do pull a critical trigger, the game makes the bot consistently pulls 2 triggers to make it impossible to do more damage to them in that turn to equal out the 2 damage youve already done. the game is also coded to pull more heal triggers on your last health as long as you havent healed yet that game, including getting a double heal when hit from a crit boosted attack several times. IMPORTANT: these issues seem like a player complaining about bad luck, but this has been found from notes I have written of over 150 cardfights from myself and 50 fights that have had their information written down and sent to me by 4 friends, it is likely this is put into the game to slow your progress, or to make for more exciting situations which is understandable. THIS IS ALSO NOT SOLID EVIDENCE. if you find none of his happening to you, it could all just be a coincidence. if I notice any changes to these I WILL come back and edit this again and apologize for my misinformation. thabk you to all my friends for the help on gathering this information however, and I thank everyone here for reading.

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