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Lord of Heroes

Lord of Heroes

Waffle Boye


Okay, after playing for 2 years, I can say, that it became soo pay to win that it's disgusting.
You literally can't get any new character without paying at least 30 or so $.

The enemies too, are soo difficult to beat if you don't have at least 5 star heroes, and it makes the whole experience very sad in general.

Leveling up your boys and girls takes an awful lot of time and equipment too, but trust me, it's worth it.

The only great thing about this whole game, is the story itself, not gonna lie, the start of the extreme difficulty had me in tears for the most part.

Not speaking of the grapics, boy that is some top tier animation right there.

Sounds? Music? Effects?
You can't see that anywhere else.

Anyway, ever since this became a gacha game, it all went downwards for me. I mean, it was kindof already a gacha gane when it first started out...well whatever.

The only thing I can say for sure, that if you like turn based games and are patient, and don't mind spending an awful lot of time leveling up everything, then this game is for you.
I also recommend not spending any money, if you first start out. They ask for a lot and give you technically nothing in return.

I wanted to trash talk this game, but by the end of the day, the story is what keeps me here, if not my boi Rashad, who was the only character I ever purchased. (I won't mention that I only buy him because he's voiced by Morikubo Shoutaro, my all time favourite, so I just couldn't misd out cmon [大哭])

So this was it, I'm glad I found this game, but a bit sad that I can't enjoy it like I did back then. [難過]

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After trying for some days, I can share honest opinion about this game. 1. This game is in english but they sometimes play korean chat to mess with us. It's like a secret chat to negate spoiler on story mode. 2. Graphics is good , game is turn based with speed as dominant attribute to get turn. Item has set bonus like MMO. Pretty standard with upgrade and so on. 3. No character gacha but u buy straight. It's super expensive. Some need other currency like real money or other in game currency. 4. At first it feel nice. but at some progress it feel heavy. Your unit will be severely underperformed and need to upgrade to prepare for next level. Level up is slow. Exp potion is given a lot but it's still slow. Very slow. Awakening material also slow even for ur 3* unit at the beginning. The progress on ur team building is slow. 5. Awakening a character doesnt give much benefit. Your character will reset to lv 1, again level up is slow. Very slow... Your skill wont get much upgrade from awakening. You need skill upgrade material from a separate grind. 6. I abandoned this game because it's slow. Sorry guys..[害羞][害羞]



Pretty decent game i was expecting something way more mediocre . Storyline isnt bad Character pretty decent and plus u can select the genre and hair of your main character Sometimes english get replaced with another language Worth a try

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