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Airship Knights



after doing the last story part at lv 1000, you stop earning gems. not dure if thats intended, and now i get an error box maybe once a reset. pretty fun game, and i reached lv 1000 in just over a day. hope the other ship grades open up soon. just levelling the 4 ship rooms right now.

not much else besides crafting and pvp, pvp being the least interested for me in any game.

please fix to allow gem rewards past lv 1000.

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Galvin Christopher


For an idle game it has simple but great gameplay, the dev keep improving QOL stuff as well which is great, simple storyline and cute graphics as well. You can go F2P because the resources available to you is abundant, but if you wanted to be buy some stuff, the value for money for the packs are also great.



Overall decent for an idle game tbh, people expect too much. I believe it's been recently completely overhauled and redone a week or 2-3 ago to completely remake all the core systems. Simple but cute graphics, gacha rate isn't that horrible (I've started from 0 and pulled most if not all SSR's / 4* units in a few weeks). Gameplay is very simple but teambuilding can help based on skills and/or elements. Overall not bad if you want an idle game to pick up but it's not the next coming of Christ.

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