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So I'll lay a few things down so we're all set and clear here. I didn't came to this game just to suddenly compare it to genshin because there are some fair aspects of this game that is different enough against that genshin. Everybody already heard the phrase that is being repeated over and over again by the genshin loyalist saying "It's just scifi genshin" or "Its a copy of genshin" etc.

I played genshin, i had fun with it. i hated it as well for some bad shit it has. but that doesn't remove the fact i had a good time with it before i just dropped it because i already had enough of it and i was rather ready for something different. A breathe of fresh air maybe, and then i saw TOF from trailers, tweets etc. I was really curious coz from just the first look i was like "Ok so theres something here" I didn't really mind the hate it got, nor the reputation it had from stealing or whatever. I waited and just wanted to experience it.

Something just really clicked with me when i watched snippits of gameplay, and how the MMO lite aspect of it just draw me in as it revealed more and more.

So, what are the things i liked about this game?

1.) The social aspect of it, just having that really lively enviroment. Just being able to do something random like fighting a world boss and not having to solo it coz someone will always bump into you fighting it and they would join you (This was the case for me since i would also call up some backup If i ever find myself wanting to take down a boss i wanna grind through either global or recruit chat and i didn't have to solo a boss ever in my time playing up until now).

2.) The music in this game, mainly one that really stayed with me was (Shymie - Meant to be) this song was really beautiful that it caught me off guard while i was just minding my own business in the game. The ost's in TOF thus far are great, if you haven't listened to them or towards the one i mentioned in particular then i do recommend you giving it a good amount of time to listen to since it's really worth it in my opinion.

3.) A good amount of content and grind to breakthrough, along with you exploring the whole map which is a nice chunky size. I completed the regions with all of them having a 100% progress, not including side missions and other random stuff yet. the 100% is pointing towards collectibles like chest, nucleus, scenic points, spacerifts and ruins.

4.) Roles in a certain activities, since this game has some MMO lite components baked into it. Like being a DPS/Healer/Tank or Sub-dps/Healer in a raid or other stuff. Some activities do require you to run 2 dps/1 tank and 1 healer which is mostly standard require when choosing a raid your running. Some of course just run dps since doing damage is just fun. But every role has good amount of value towards such as being a tank is beneficial as veing a healer as well. Each one bringa something to the table giving more headroom for the dps to just bash there heads on the boss while the tank takes aggro and the healer keeps the dps and tank healthy to stay in the fight.

5.) Character aesthetic and overall design, voice acting of them is nice as well which are simply just the Genshin VAs. Still a nice touch for this game to have

What I don't like about this game?

I can list a whole lot of this but let's summarize it so it's not a whole fiesta of text. Buggy game overall, if you decided to play this game. be sure to ready yourself for a noy bug free experience. You may say "Well every game has bugs, I'm sure a patch can fix it" Never in the history of gaming have i seen a patch that can fix all of the issues that i or you may experience playing this game at the moment. From movement animations, enemy hit registrations, combat animation bugs, constant disconnecting even though your internet is great.

So there's alot as well, there's alot of good things and there's a hefty amount of bad shit about this game to.

The other stuff doesnt need mention since you've probably experienced it by now which can be frustrating.

Should you play this game?

Sure give it a shot, if you have a view of just being a hater coz "Its a genshin copy cat" then i do say right now that you shouldn't even touch the game to begin with if your just entering with pure hate for it since your setting yourself up for a bad time.

Come to this game with a good amount of expectations about bugs, instability of connection, bits of pieces of lag etc. Will those things completely ruin it for your experience? For me absolutely not, i didn't mind the bugs but i know someone has very low tolerance for these kind of things and that can be very annoying when you just wanted to try and experience this game.

This game has a nice roadmap, it has a solid foundation that can be stronger than concrete itself for how solid the setting is, how good the music is, and just how they can further improve the game just by implementing changes to drastically make the player experience better and pleasing.

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pls don't say it a copy of genshin or honkai. if you don't like it, don't play it. easy. it's really annoying seeing ppl saying the same thing over and over again.

Kasmi Chan


storywise, the game is pretty much focused on shirli but i think the story is still further than what i think of...i'm waiting for the two factions to go to war because it's hinted that the two will enter war at some point when one side gets mad. the world is good.. i love how you need different mechanics on getting those treasures..how you need an ice weapon to disperse the lava pit, using the relic to get those heavy balls away..they can still add more treasures that needs relics..we have a huge arm that can pull things, a mine that can destroy things.. they better use all the relics in different treasures.. oh and the placements of some treasures really gives me a hard time getting!!! mini games.. i love this part. the dream machine is also great!! star gate is also a great way to practice! scenery..i love riding the roller coaster!! characters..well what can i say? if she have big knockers then i want her! rewards..getting 2gold nucli and 6black nucli on dream machine is the most generous thing they can give us. gatcha? terrible. after the first 80 which gave us 3-5ssr.. my second and third 80 needed to reach 80 before getting get an ssr.

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