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Here's my personal overview about this game after 24 hours in-game time playing so far.

If Tower of Fantasy is called a Genshin's copycat by most well-known dramas around it, then Eroica is fall into the same case - except it's Epic Seven and a bit of similar contents from Exos Heroes & PriConneR in which I'll talk about it soon.

Gameplay wise: Its mostly turn-based RPG familiar from E7 and a little mixed of JRPG from Final Fantasy (in which is involved to puzzle stuffs, and Side Quests system after Main Quests is completed).

Sounds: I can't give a judge about it since I'd rather mute the volume in-game and turn on some lofi music instead if I dont wanna fall asleep while playing it. But it have JP voiced so for that is decent.

Gacha? Welp like gameplay's above - You have independent banner to pulls between Characters/Pre-Code(similar to cards in E7)/Items. Tutorial give 40x refresh pulls so there's little needs of re-roll. And why I said its alike PriConneR? Because the Hero you got in this game is around 1/2/3 Stars at the start (same goes as you got them duplicated - it'll turn into 1/10/100 shard currency), and you can purchase their fragments in Shop in order to Ascend them up to 5 Stars. I just wonder if future updates of the game will give them 6 Stars Ascend as well?

1 last thing I wanna point out - You can "have a chance" to obtain a Limited 3 Stars that is not get along with any banners ingame. How? Simply just login for 30 days consequently once you select ones. This is obviously a feature from Exos Heroes, no doubt.

Overall Eroica is above-average, nothing worth to make it stand out than E7 but still quite good to give a try

So my conclusion is: If you not familiar or never played E7 before (cuz I did play E7 back in 2018 but soon dropped at that time) and love JRPG genre then this game is solid good for you to simply killing bored time. Just have fun in it and don't tryhard too much if you ever have a sense of compete.
Otherwise just play some other & better games than this in you viewing instead.

Thanks for reading my review up to this. ^ ^

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Raghu Star


finished all contents thats available with max stars.. gonna say.. Game similar to epic 7.. but not thst much hard as that game in terms of griding or progression.. - well character design and skills dsiplays --all characters are almost good as 3 star chatacter u get .. like even 1 star are pretty useful after lvling up - i didnt got any bugs (may be lucky,!) - i would say characters are easy to get and u will get load of equips higher tier easily as u progress - no 2x or 3x.. will get bored lol - not much to do daily other than grinding stuffs that too little as for now overall decent game if u like epic 7.. just like baby of it but here and their lot of potential to like it more than e7..

Jamie Tanasiuk


It is a skeleton of a game right now with significant effort to create content and game systems needed before Global launch. Having said that, the gameplay is fun, animations are crisp and it is extremely free to play friendly. I wont make a pros/cons list as the game is still in early development. At time of reviewing, pvp guilds chat and complete story areas still have yet to be released. We are unsure of the release schedule as the devs are difficult to access for information (unlike E7 and similar games where the devs/CMs are active community participants) One important thing to note is the game (at least as of 1.03) is unplayable on Bluestacks due to a massive memory leak. People seem to be playing on LD player fine. On phones its mixed bag with some reporting heat/slowdown issues (which may be resolving with the performance update 1.04) At least they are looking at stability and performance optimization as serious necessities.

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