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HIT2 | Korean

HIT2 | Korean

HIT2 | Korean




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Guide for those who cant get in: - Install ExpressVPN app and use their 7 day free trial - Set IP to South Korea and connect - Download and install game. After start, youll download a 4.9 gb patch - Connect with service of choice. I use android so I connected with my Google account just fine - Once at home screen, press to get it started. It'll probably take it a minute or two of loading circle before it connects - On the bottom is server list, choose one that doesnt have red lettering/characters, as that means server is full - Press home screen again, and it'll ask you to accept device safety option. Ignore it unless you have a korean phone number - You should be able to go into character selection from here and play - Realize in first two minutes it's just like all the other auto-playing games that call itself an mmorpg where you just watch your character move around without your input. And that you need a very high-end phone to be able to play with more than 15 fps at medium settings Overall, another decent menu and prompt simulator with high production value.



히트2 Hit 2 Gameplay: https://youtu.be/5zMbwI603II

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