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Touhou LostWord | Global

Touhou LostWord | Global

Touhou LostWord | Global

Zero Of the absolute order


I would love if they let us decide on the gender of our character
and to add more wedding skins for the character
plus please add
an affinity bar or numbers where we at last will be able to know
how much left for us to max affinity with character
and if possible
the ring from the improvement in the characters like when i max affinity with a character i can just marry her after i press upon
max affinity which is the pink heart
please reply dv if you have seen the comment

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Friendly to both new and old fans. The gacha is quite fair and the event rewards are good. Can't really find fault with the graphics, and the sounds are quite good, though limited atm. The story is interestingand quite intriguing.



Of course its worth the wait! I've been wanting to play this app for a while! and i recommend playing this as your main or 2nd game _(:3 」∠ )_ Update: Damn i didnt expect there'll be a maintenance, More waiting more excitement am I right?[不滿] Update 2: Yep, i fell in love with this game already~

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