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Tower of Fantasy | Global

Spades Hiroki (SpadesHiro)


is it terrible? absolutely, issues like lags to the critical one like cheaters hasn't been fixed, and then there's issues by game design like clunky combat, poor ledge detection, very bad locking mechanics, etc.
should you try it? nah, there are other games that is worth your time. this ain't it, chief

......yet I can't stop playing, this is like the kind of "so bad it's good" type of game, something you can call a guilty pleasure.

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pls don't say it a copy of genshin or honkai. if you don't like it, don't play it. easy. it's really annoying seeing ppl saying the same thing over and over again.



I'm bored so I'm gonna write a short review.Feel free to read it or not[怪笑] Graphic: looks good tbh so far with promising places to explore[開心] Exploration: thid is probably one of the main things you do in the game and is quite interesting especially you can drive and fly [哇噻] Story: haven't look but I think it might be great.If you like sci fi then i recommend this (plus PGR as well) Characters:You can customise your own character and also share that design with other people which is good (70606 free code if anyone want[厲害]) Anyway moving to playable characters.In terms of design they all look great.In terms of gameplay very fast and flashy I haven't look that much in gameplay tho. Definitely will chose Crow from the SSR selector since i like double blades[怪笑] (also the theme that plays at opening screen kinda remind of one Enka theme and I love it Both games have good soundtrack but are completely different) Gacha: doesn't seem bad.As far as I know weapons are very important to the characters Overall It looks promising and definitely recommend playing it especially atm there's plenty rewards coming in![哇噻] (another thing to add I rlly like the official site theme as well[怪笑]) An edit after I play for while and I'm bit disappointed Graphics need improvement but overall atm just good Character design well I only like a few ones as for charactes well I like some a bit and that's it Gameplay sometimes I like it sometimes not Story is rushed a bit it has interesting stuff but it just that it's wrote in way that Its bit boring and make not care for characters that much There's some good music but only a few tracks Atleast 2.0 story gets good as some people mentioned another edit: I quited ToF long time ago since it didn't captive me enough to love it. Well have fun playing it

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