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SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator

Luqman Hakim


This game, while have it's quirky fun, is still missing some features, and also, try and make the camera easier to use as it just flies everywhere. Here are some features I would like see being added:

- Oxygen meter when diving underwater and skills related to swimming.
- An option to snap the camera at the back of our character so it follows her around and turns when she turns instead of staying in one place while we turn.
- Fix the loli's body shape. Just... goddamn, does the loli character look scary af!

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this game is the "shitty but enjoyable kind of shitty" game. it's basically yandere sim cheap mobile knock-off sandbox ver, but with mafia, rocket launcher, random cat thingie, killing machine child, even jetpack. but eh it still pretty enjoyable also ad didn't play properly lol, i unlocked all hairstyles with watching just 1 ad



Game hơi khoai nhưng art đẹp [微笑]

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