Sword Unleash Blading | Global

Sword Unleash Blading | Global

Sword Unleash Blading | Global



Ok so, this game, think of it as an amped up SAO Memory Defrag...with energy system. Size wise, around 2gb. I recommend playing on emu if you have small space on phone, cause thankfully the game is smooth, gamplay wise and transition wise.
+ Action packed turn based combat
+ Graphically pleasing for fans of anime style arts
+ Has PVP, unlike MD and IF
+ 3* Chars are actually great
+ Home screen characters is always a plus, different reactions depend on current time and where you touch, but no intimacy like HI3
+ Not too grindy... yet, maybe grindy during endgame. So far, getting mats isn't hard
+ Surprisingly smooth

- Although comes with some QOL, still lacking important ones like auto repeat
- [tentative] Has an energy system, and so little energy. Need to log in at certain time to maximize energy income. MR on the other hand gives plenty of "energy bottle", wished SAO did the same...wait did they? I could be missing something
- Weapon gacha, better be careful with your currency if your f2p

In my opinion, they should've made the exploration stage as a separate content like HI3's open world. I like to read and breeze through story mode in mobile games.

Worth to note that this game has a high chance of growing, along with additional QOLs as with previous SAO games. So that's my opinion, go ahead and give it a try~ Oh and, grab a healer when you can, they're very important

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Dont listen to all the BS that people are talking about, this is a game which is most enjoyable as this game screams "F2P friendly". the staff provide social media campaigns that help you get in-game currency, free scouts etc (They have distributed over 2000 cubes in total over the past months in events and campaign) Unlike the other SAO games, this doesnt have any specifications to how you should Limit break scouts. You can combine the amount of the scouts element and almighty rainbow crystal to Limit break your scout. There is no toxicity in this game as there is no player interference when you are in battles as its you who is the only one fighting in story mode, events. This game also has their own website that lets you have access to character illustrations to download and also check what's new. Again, Dont listen as to what haters have to say about this game and just play as per your own will.



The Games great and perfect the problem is that its hard to earn diamond cubes and they need to keep working on that scout cuz 1.5 rate chance is shit it self cuz players really want to get there favorite characters and especially more events are more fun.

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