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There's nothing wrong with this game, except for how the dev making a further content which is grinding hell with minimum reward.

Graphics: I love the chara design which are beautiful and elegant, chibi is also adorable. So many white/gray/silver haired girls, very satisfying.

Sound: Music fits the theme well. Dub is in Korean language, something fresh for my ears.

Gameplay: There is tiles and lanes deployment strategy with wave battle system, but it is simple. You can't deploy all of the units you have because there's cost limitation. It has wipeout stamina/key, but you must do one battle at least.

Story: Journey with the crystal girls to beat dreamless mobs and the dominions. Charas are based on the fairy tales.

Value: Dunno, pity is until 100x summon but will be reset for every banner change. There're another shard currency things for gacha beside gem. Always check shop at resources and marketplace section. You can unlock every skins from charas you have by collecting guild points everyday.

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Art is great, music is pretty good, plays like Illusion Connect. SSR rate is like 1.5%, and you're not guaranteed one in the tutorial gacha (only 10 rerolls) also rerolling needs multiple gmail/apple accounts (no guest) so.. Not the best, but definitely not bad enough to review bomb over some maintenance, though. Didn't even see this much hate over Azur Lane's 3 day server fire couple years back, sheesh



Rating contingent on devs continuing to fix the launch issues. Great progress has been made already (servers mostly stable now!) but more still is to be done before I'd unconditionally recommend this game. Devs btw are extremely communicative on their Discord! Devs in compensation have given a ton of free pulls, so try things out. Warning though that rerolling is somewhat difficult since you *must* log in with google or apple account, and account deletion has a 24 h cooldown timer. I heard that all players will have the option to quit and refund all purchases at the end of the open beta, check that yourself though of course. Anyways, on to the actual game. Storyline is fairly interesting fantasy-line. There's a solid but not overwhelming amount. Gameplay is similar to Counterside with deployment cost/limit, auto battling, and active skills best set to auto-use. It's only unit-unit combat, and is more preplanned strategic deployment rather than real-time deployment. Game balance is mostly ok although some mechanics probably would benefit from some revision. Seems to be mostly PvE focused. There's plenty of very good lower rarity units, 3* and even 4* are extremely available so you only really need to consider 5* to build around. Low rarity stuff is also straight good for low cost filling out teams like in Counterside. All in all, if devs can fix their server/game bugs, I have high hopes for this game - but the botched launch really hurts, as you can see in the rating.

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