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Touhou Arcadia Record

Touhou Arcadia Record

Touhou Arcadia Record

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First day player impression. This game is fine. Artwork and voice acting are great, music is amazing because ofcourse, it's still Touhou. Gameplay is possibly the best among all Touhou gacha game. Which doesn't say much because most of them are disappointments, i know. But it's alright. A mix of Zombie Tsunami and some bullet hell, some RPG elements. Unlike CB/LW, it's not a grindfest because of skip tickets. It has auto pilot mode, but you gotta pilot all the harder stages so the fun doesn't simply go away. It's also surprisingly hard to get 3* challenge rewards from a stage(3* challenge, not 3* a stage). Those are: Take no hit, Kill all enemies, Collect all coins. You can also retry a stage if you wish to finish all challenge, it doesn't cost anything. Can borrow friend's support 3 times everyday for free. Oh yeah it also has Memory Film system similar to Genshin's Artifacts/E7 Gears. Ugh.... Hate this RNG. Now.... Gacha. It's hard to say. It's quite similar to Blue Archive which mean "bad enough but managable" SSR(3*) rate is 2.5%, rate up character 0.75%, need 200 for spark, banner last for 2 weeks and the game seems to gives gem as much as most standard gacha game out there. As newbie you can atleast pull 30 times, so use it for rerolling for whoever you like. Overall, not too bad as a side game. For now. Edited: Drop to 3.4 because the crash issue is getting more and more often. It's annoying. Edited(2): After playing for a few months, i came to the conclusion that this game is the best gacha Tohhou game so far. Finally an actual fun, engaging Touhou gacha game with lots of contents. You don't have to trust the devs or me, but i have only seen positive things from them... atleast in this game. Hopefully the next time i edit this review, it wouldn't be bad news. Edited(3): Unfortunately, it was bad news. Events have gotten worse. Character have different skills compare to their PV. Touhou AR also followed LW and released a new Remilia in different clothing as new characters... Worse, she has no voice whatsoever. New PC-98 event looks hype but it was actually just a huge let down. Atleast the gameplay is still alright. Edited(4): This will be my last edit until this game gets better... or closed. Anniversary event happened during Late July and it was a complete disappointment. Only 2 old characters in different clothing as new ones, they don't even have voice. One more new music, which is the first new music after serveral months. That's all, literally nothing else. No new contents ever since my 3rd edit. Apparently Klab no longer have enough money to make new content anymore.... I feel like Arcadia Record won't last much longer. It would take a miracle to save this game. Truly a shame, it had potentials and it was fun.



Story: It's Japanese so i can't tell how good the story is but their character L2D, lol Gameplay: Like zombie tsunami but with bullet hell gameplay (but my friends told me this is looks like BoboiBoy Rush or Run, idk) Music: Zun's peak music but remixed (HELL YEAH! IOSYS!) Graphics: Like other anime games, the illustration had sexy and beautiful character, but ingame they're being toddlers (Their game resolution can't be changed, so if your phones had specs lower than potato, just be patient) Sfx: This is Touhou game (no matter fanmade or official), so Touhou Sfx must be put in, right? (Welp, there sure had any additional Sfx from them)

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