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D4DJ Groovy Mix | Japanese

D4DJ Groovy Mix | Japanese

D4DJ Groovy Mix | Japanese



TL;DR first, D4DJ is unexpectedly interesting, unique, and fun. If you're into a rhythm game, you should give it a try.


Ok, let's start the review from the negative first.

- This game is a bit underrated right now.
- Too much japanese on UI. If you're not good with japanese and want to better understanding the game, you can just use Google Lens or another translate app out there.
- This game always have their issues and problems. Tho, the developer is often quick to react and give a compensation.
- Some QoL settings are locked behind subscription. Especially, a retry song feature.
- The card powercreep is real, despite that's mostly affect only for spender or competitive players.
- Some items are very hard to get at the late game.
- Lacking of skill based titles, and the advance version of these title are come from paid pass.
- Above 50% of event type of this game is all about gambling and RNG.
- Yuri (or L) characters, tho personally i don't care.
- Auto mode on multiplayer. It's just a bias, but i'm against this. Auto mode should be more punishing imo.
- Maybe this is a pro, obviously from my 2 previous points, this game is designed more for casual player.
- Meta song spammer everywhere (is it Bang Dream?), another meh for multiplayer. Combine this with auto mode, instantly make a multiplayer become less/no fun to play.
- Ahem, busty characters and have a lot of fan service. Even, cute (also rori *cough*) characters have those traits. Not really a con if you're prefer these [鬼臉]

+ The dev is generous, so it's easier to get ssr or character which you want.
+ A lot of QoL settings (from resolution, gameplay screen adjustments, hitsounds, notes auto, etc.). And kek, some ppl complain and leave a bad review because not knowing about these setting.
+ Have a tutorial song (like osu!).
+ Have a lot of playable groups. Tho, most peoples are prefers Rondo, because of their amazing songs and similarity like Roselia from Bang Dream.
+ Club customization, so you can adjusting which themes are suited for your eyes or preferences.
+ Unique gameplay, complex mechanics and patterns. So, it's more fun to learn, adapt, and play.
+ For gacha rhythm game, this game is truly a hidden gem, it have easter egg (or hidden) songs. And, some chart have an interesting gimmick (i don't want to spoil which ones, for enjoyment purpose).
+ Unique feature and event. Medley is the most fun imo.
+ The game have "good" hits/notes for not breaking the combo.
+ Expert (highest difficulty) charts are evil and seriously challenging. Even, average difficulty of expert charts (difficulty 13) are hard to full combo. And also, some hard difficulty charts are legit hard too.
+ Have many number of playable songs. The total is 500 songs right now when i'm editing this review.
+ Despite a lot of songs, the game size is relatively small.
+ Song and collab choices are not mainstream and unexpected. More knowledge is always welcome.
+ Have some beautiful 3d waifu, i mean seiyuu (check d4dj live on youtube for extra simp) [色色]

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I put storyline N/A because I haven't read any stories yet and it's all in Japanese so I don't think I will read them [開心] A cute game, if you love to DJ you will love this game [色色] Pro's : 1. A really unique gameplay, won't get bored by it 2. A bit like Arcaea to me because of the pink sliders 3. Cute characters, I love Happy Around and Peaky P-Key Con's : 1. Idk if you can change the speed of the notes as I can't understand Japanese.. 2. Again, the graphics of some characters are weird like Starlight (read my starlight review to get what I mean) That's all I think.. So I recommend this game for pro players (newbies can try it too since it's pretty unique) who are bored with bandori [微笑]



Um, for thumbs user like me, I'll say this. I don't recommend you play this game with thumbs okay. In my opinion, it's too difficult to catch the notes when u use thumbs. But, you'll be able to do it if u practicing a looooot. Or if you have played Nananiju, Bandori, and Prosekai, that's better to adapt with this game cuz the notes a bit similar. Yea, that's only my opinion as thumbs user. Nd, yah, I like the graphics. It's nice. The songs too, it's makes sense uwu. Imma bit confused but this is a good game. Last, Kurumi and Miyu are cutee. Who's ur best gurl? :D (P. s. forgive me if my English so bad, too long quarantine, Imma bit forgot about language ueueue.)

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