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Mikel Santiago


🤔 honestly The Game is Good, Music as well as the Story line... the Drop out of the Game is the Battle mode... Cute Tiny to watch and See... like your watching plants and Zombies tiny cute... why Devs team can't make it as Better Size to appreciate the Battle mode of the Game as well as the Graphics of it... there's Alot of similar as this game that is Tiny.. as if its common size small.. thats why you got this low rating... I hope you can make it Better than Good next time.. NOT CUTE TINY CHARACTERS IN BATTLE MODE...IT DESTROY THE PRESENTATION OF YOUR GAME AS YOU MAKE THE CHARACTER LOOK VERY AWESOME AND IN THE BATTLE MODE ITS TINY CUTE AND ALMOST BORRING TO WATCH....

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Grimlight Gameplay: https://youtu.be/56JNJxrym-k



Art is great, music is pretty good, plays like Illusion Connect. SSR rate is like 1.5%, and you're not guaranteed one in the tutorial gacha (only 10 rerolls) also rerolling needs multiple gmail/apple accounts (no guest) so.. Not the best, but definitely not bad enough to review bomb over some maintenance, though. Didn't even see this much hate over Azur Lane's 3 day server fire couple years back, sheesh

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