Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile | Japanese

Hexire Kresnik


Its a battle tactics game (think Final Fantasy Tactic or Ogre Tactics). Gather your favorite Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters (mine are the Homunculus) and fight it out.

There are no side or rear advantages or elevation advantages however and zero real customization. All unites come with set skills and stats.

Looks nice. Plays simply.
Characters looks like their anime versions, but the 3d modeling makes them look just a bit off.

Story follows the anime, so its not getting any points for copying.

Load times vary from too long to none at all.

I see one huge issue, you need duplicates to fully unlock your characters; and its not a 1 for 1. Everything about how the gochta and unites work in this game are excatly like Tales of Crestoria, and thats not a good thing. Sub items also need duplicates to level up and make your characters stronger. With PvP will lead to whaling at a horrible level.
Tales of Crestoria only lasted a year, I fear this will happen to this game as well.

What will happen is fan favorites will have a ton of variants, where characters with less screen time and less liked will be lucky to see one. Looking at your Sloth.

As a gotcha it comits one of the largest gotcha sins. When you pull they want you to dial on an old rotary phone and spin it 3 times, as far as i can see the number you dial in has no effect on who you get and it just wastes time.

This game does the BP rewards and they have a SSR character you cant get any other way unless you spend real money. Talk about scummy.

Not much of a mercy system for multipulls as of yet and will have to be something they address at some point.

One huge issue is the game dains your phone battery quickly, so isnt much for trips into work or car rides.

Play and enjoy but DO NOT spend money on this game.

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Cristopher Segura


Es buenísimo y me encanta. Lo malo es que está en taka taka y no entiendo un choto. Soy otaku y la vaina, pero también me baño, ¿sabes?

Sherrice jackson


game size is 4.5gb. i downloaded the full thing. not sure how much it is without that. tutorial is long though and deleting your account is the way to reroll. i really like this. graphics are high quality. as far as gameplay goes its good. think alchemist code where you move on a grid. differences between the two is that this game has more 3d graphics when it comes to the battle and they don't look chibi? also quite a bit of cut in animations. there are less skills than in alchemist code though. you get enough to do 3 ten rolls and there is a gacha up that guarantees a ssr (very first gacha you see.) you convert your diamonds to coins and it costs 1600 to get 10. bare in mind that the third step in that gacha is paid though. the rate is your standard 3%. you get 10 coins and about 3500 diamonds to start. only gripe i have with this is the costs for premium currency but i mean if you're never going to spend real money in the game then it doesn't matter. am i gonna play this? hell yeah. really happy with the way it turned out.

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