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QQ Speed M | Japanese

QQ Speed M | Japanese

QQ Speed M | Japanese

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From Japan server to Global server, this is aging carefully. Yet still 10% probability finding ranked matches in this server. All around the globe, make this server alive y'all.



A nice racing game, it's kinda P2W, but not too much. Pros : - Good Graphics - Decent controls and gameplay - The player's character face is different from the other version of speed drifters (sticking with jp's own moe style) - Wide variety of tracks - lots of vehicles Cons : - Some players may experience high ping, depending on where the player is. - abusable game mechanics (If executed properly, u will be able to do infinite nitrous). - Slightly P2W (Vehicles and pets could boost certain stuffs, and some of the good vehicles can only be obtained by real money). - Not much of free resources, and the prices are quite expensive. - Sometimes the matching is kinda unfair (low lvl matched with high lvl). - Vehicle gachas Being a whale doesn't make you good, however, if u face a whale with a good skill, rest in pieces.

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