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A3! | English

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A3! Actor Training Game

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I have been playing this game since it was released in english, so. Since a very long time. Honestly, its very enjoyable, though its not perfect. I have to say, if there is a reason I keep coming back to this game, it has to be for the story and the characters. The story is compelling and interesting, and while the first act and such can be a bit boring it quickly ramps up and becomes so incredibly interesting. You want to keep reading because you want to know what happens next. The characters are rather well written as well. At first they sometimes appear as shallow anime tropes and cliches, but soon enough you come to find that they are all more well rounded and three dimensional than you originally gave them credit for. They are also very fun to watch interact, and are guaranteed to make you laugh at least once. Speaking of characters, the director has an actual personality. So many games have bland main characters who are meek and have no opinions, but this game does. She herself is already a pretty interesting and funny character, and makes for a fun watch. She also rejects Masumi's advances which is something I'm glad happens, considering the age difference. Now, in regards to the gameplay. Not gonna lie, its not very entertaining. The most fun is the Earn Cash minigame, but with that one you cant play a lot, as you need to wait a long time in between each play. The main gameplay loop soon becomes repetitive, and it wasn't all that interesting to begin with. Being honest, I usually don't play that much outside of events now that I have the full story unlocked, since there isn't much of a point outside of that. Despite my harsh criticism of the gameplay, I would say the story and characters make up for it in spades. Really, I reccomend playing it for that alone. As a small addition, getting cards and gems is surprisingly easy, which is welcome. I haven't spent a single cent on this app, and yet I have around 15 SSRs and even more SRs. So overall, I would highly reccomend it. At least give it a try. PS: Stan Homare and Winter Troupe.

To Lazy


This game has alot of cute characters. The storyline is so cute and has some unexpected moments. I love their voices and love the graphics. The only problem is if your the type of person to love games with options I wouldn't recommend it. They made MC a great character. The game also had some drama, comedy and some exciting moments.The game doesn't use alot of storage for those who don't really have storage like me[大哭]. This is one if the games I feel inlove with.

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