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It's a cool app you can make ocs and create a story but everyone problem is the fandom of this game, yeah I'll admit it yall are just some dog shits, the game itself is cool and not bad but the fandom just ruins it which is sad to hear :'(

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i really like the characters and the gameplay itself, you can create a bunch of characte. It even has it's own story line. Although it's still laggy but Luni already work really hard for this game. Thank you Luni for this amazing game. I love it [色色][耍帥] edit : AND I LOVE THOSE JOJO POSES [哇噻]



игра 10/10 сюжет 11/10 захватывающие динамичные бои выше всяких похвал/10 мастерски прописанные тарантиновские диалоги 10/10 объемная графика 10/10 поддержка виара 10/10 открытый мир 10/10 закрытый мир 10/10 игра по сети 10/10 идеальная система умений 10/10 дизайны персонажей и проработка их характероваэ 10/10

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