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Dream Girlfriend | English

Dream Girlfriend | English

Dream Girlfriend

Liselotte Von teese


Hm ~ i actually like it but unlike the boyfriend one i can go just for 5 minutes date which is pretty annoying tbh <( ̄▽ ̄)> but the art style is so cute i like it so far 💕

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The Live2D is very good. I love games with Live2D! The outfits you can collect in the game are also very nice, despite the bad gacha rates, and the art in the game is really good as well.



Been playing this for years now. I've uninstalled and reinstalled this game for reasons like switching devices and what not. I haven't done a review of it, so here you go. Graphics: The use of Live 2D was a good idea! It really makes the girls come to life! As an artist/animator myself, I appreciate the effort they put in the super cute characters! Sound: It's repetitive, but hey it's really chill jazz and lounge! And I never get tired of those genres. Gameplay: Not much. All you have to do is dress-up your girls, join contests and events, get more clothes, play the gacha, shop for clothes, play the mini games, and do these same things again and again. I'm a casual gamer, so this my-own-pace kinda game is my jam, to say at the least. Storyline: Story? What story? Kinda forgot what the main story was. I think the girlfriends came from the app the main character downloaded and that's it. The other stories are from events and they highly differ from each other. Value: If you love casual, dress-up games with good design and animation, this could be one of your picks. It's a very slow-paced game and it took me years to gather the outfits I have. It's worth it for me because I get inspiration for drawing with this app.

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