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BLADE XLORD | Japanese

BLADE XLORD | Japanese

BLADE XLORD | Japanese




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good game. like that i can auto farm. no need for vpn tho(im from europe lol) . dont understand much japanese but its easy to go around. like that there is a little more higher summon rate and units. overall nice. i play the English version too but i feel the JP one is better atm.

OG Gamer Palm Springs, CA


I've just installed it and completed the first campaign. Before I say anything further, I must comment on the graphics. The graphics are beautiful! the characters are responsive, and the combat mechanics seem decent. my experience of course, is tainted by the fact that I have no idea what any of the menus do. it took me 20 minutes to find the inventory, and even longer to find out where my gatchas went. I really enjoy this style of game, and am playing Last Cloudia, which is very similar. I'm enjoying that very much primarily because it's in English. I'm certain that if this game had an English patch, I would love it. but until then, it's unplayable because I simply don't understand the storyline, and I can't navigate through the menus for the simplest of things. oh, by the way. obviously I live in the USA, and I have no need of a VPN. it connected straight away without any problem at all.

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