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ALICE Fiction

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Alice Fiction Gameplay: https://youtu.be/PM3N--HLvAA

Sherrice jackson


app size is 1.6gb and it took me about 5 minutes to get through the tutorial. You can skip all of that once you play through it once and delete the account from your homescreen. It's a puzzle rpg. You stack the characters' attacks to form chains. It's really nothing new. They just added an actual fight area for you to see the characters move. I didn't bother with the story. The game is in English so if you can read this you can read and judge for yourself. I did find it highly annoying that you couldn't just skip the story to get straight into the tutorial. Gacha rate is 2.5% and they give you a tutorial gacha which you can reroll. I didn't reroll enough to find out if you can get more than one 3*, which is the highest rarity that you can get from the gacha. You get about 14k gems and it takes 3k in order to do one ten roll. Know that if you're like me and you came to this game thinking you'd get a decent amount of male charatcers know that you will not find it here. I have seen a total of maybe 5 guys. I'm positive about 3 of them and there are 2 other people who I couldn't really tell. For that reason the sound rating I give isn't high because there aren't enough male voice actors. I'm definitely not playing this but if you like your waifu games with the rare male character then this should be fine for you.

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