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[Smash Legends 2022 aka Reborn Review]

So, I guess I should write a review for this game, it has big potential like Kick Flight, but ...well, let's see here.

Short version, it's a fun arcade game to pass the time, have high potential, but so far is held back by "locking" certain game modes behind timegate.

- Unique characters, each with their own style of gameplay. Almost as fun as Lost Saga. Certain characters performs best at certain game modes
- Amazing VA work
- Good soundtracks
- Moba style shop, that is, you can purchase characters with gold or gems. This is the main differential between the old and new Smash Legends
- Packs and skins are reasonably priced

- Very difficult to earn enough gold to purchase characters
- Can be boring rather quick due to not having a lot of characters to play, due to not earning enough gold
- No missions or achievement
- Can be laggy at times

Very Con:
- Game modes available changes. Yeah like Kick Flight. I don't know why they do this. Deathmatch and Dominion is a favorite....but they're not always available. The worst part, they change seasonally. So some gameplay may not be available until the next patch. Weird I know.

Overall it's a fun game to try. Whether or not it'll stay up for a long time ..... that's the question ......I miss Kick Flight.

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Hey kid! We're reviewing another game again! Again?! Two reviews in a week? That's insane Sei! Yeah kid, we're on a roll! Aight! Smash Legends... Sounds familiar? This game is like Smash Bros got League of Legends drunk and they made a baby. It's a MOBA like game with Smash Bros elements on it. Explain how is the game fun Sei! Alright alright... Ever found yourself bored and scrolling at a social media site then found an ad on this game? Well, me too! I was enticed with the ad looking so cartoony and smooth so I've decided to give it a whirl. I was greeted with a nice opening screen and a tutorial. But hey! At least the game doesn't block you from checking the settings. [厲害] Now to explain why is it fun, while the game will show you the things to check, it really is straight to the point. Buttons are laid out the for you to explore what does it do (If you don't wanna read the character's skill and stuff) and lets you experiment on it. You see, one of the good things you can experience on games is being able to learn from it by exploring. You have this character, his skill swings his sword hard! I should try this on my enemies right?! KABOOSH! OMG! They're flying! Oh! another button just showed up! What does it do? It's making me spin! Very good AoE damage! How about I use this spinning with the hard slash earlier? [白眼] OMG! Enemies are now out of the ring! There is a jump button?! How about I jump and attack? How about I jump and use the hard slash? There is so much potential to do things and try to outplay enemies with this! This is fun! [哇噻] Looks like you really had fun Sei! Anything that is worth noting? [賣萌] Hmmm. Graphics looks fresh and the game is quite rewarding. Matches are quite short and very fast paced. The game really is quite simple and just going for a straight up fun that you kind of really don't need to go deeper on it. Have you had any problems with it Sei? On my experience, there are times that the game is having high latencies. Nothing that destroys the gameplay. It's quite rare to be honest. How about the balance Sei? I don't think I talk much about balance but if ever you played this game and manage to have Hooks? (character) Use her. You will just stand there and just pew pew pew pew and win the game. [厲害] Red is quite weak in my opinion and Witch Queen is a really nice support if there is a hard hitter on the team. Is the game worth trying Sei? Don't let my review force you to play this. But I really can say that this didn't waste my time downloading it. Even made my Arknights review to be pushed back. lol [開心]

Null Void


Graphics : 4 (Great but nothing compared to genshin imp) Sound : 3 (Nice OST but the OST in itself is nothing great) Gameplay : 5 (Lost Saga / Get Amped + SuperSmashBros) Storyline : 2 (The lore isnt explained well) Value : 4 (Doesnt consume that much time + fun and simple to play, although you may get bored of it quickly) Okay, so I find this game to be highly entertaining yet, while it may look p2w-ish, it is not p2w at all. It has similar leveling up systems for the legends that brawl stars have. However, because the game provides you with a mechanic of combo and dodge, it is not strictly as p2w as brawl stars is. This means that if you play your character right, you can beat a higher level character with the same character but with a lower level. The mechanics of this game are also very vast. There are animations reset, combo, and super armor. Every legends has their set of strength and weaknesses including good against/bad against, preferrable type of match and also roles (assasin, tank, fighter). Another good thing about this game is that there is no way to BUSH CAMP like in Brawl Stars' Battle Royale. Let's talk about the bad! 1. Very short match time. Like only 3 mins short for each match. Except Battle Royale. 2. Lores of each character are explained but not in-depth 3. There might be bots in the match. 4. Very low rate to unlock new legend with high rarity from boxes. Tbh, i find this is great because it reduces gambling. Oh, they also present the chance to unlock newly released legends by buying the pass. Again, i think this is better than gambling/gacha.

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