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[Smash Legends 2022 aka Reborn Review]

So, I guess I should write a review for this game, it has big potential like Kick Flight, but ...well, let's see here.

Short version, it's a fun arcade game to pass the time, have high potential, but so far is held back by "locking" certain game modes behind timegate.

- Unique characters, each with their own style of gameplay. Almost as fun as Lost Saga. Certain characters performs best at certain game modes
- Amazing VA work
- Good soundtracks
- Moba style shop, that is, you can purchase characters with gold or gems. This is the main differential between the old and new Smash Legends
- Packs and skins are reasonably priced

- Very difficult to earn enough gold to purchase characters
- Can be boring rather quick due to not having a lot of characters to play, due to not earning enough gold
- No missions or achievement
- Can be laggy at times

Very Con:
- Game modes available changes. Yeah like Kick Flight. I don't know why they do this. Deathmatch and Dominion is a favorite....but they're not always available. The worst part, they change seasonally. So some gameplay may not be available until the next patch. Weird I know.

Overall it's a fun game to try. Whether or not it'll stay up for a long time ..... that's the question ......I miss Kick Flight.

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Es un juego bastante atractivo tiene buenos escenarios y varios personajes, a su vez es bastante facil de jugar los controles son sencillos lo cual te permite agarrar el hilo del combate con mucha rapidez lo cual engancha mas al jugador ya que se te facilita el poder utilizar todas las habilidades de personaje y pasar un buen rato luchando.

Made in Heaven


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