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Contrary to most people, I really enjoyed this game. It probably took inspiration from many other gacha raising sim type games but honestly- I liked it. Let's break it down.

□ Graphics: Other people have said that it was mediocre at best, when i think of graphics on the other hand, i think of art style and really its beautiful. The characters themselves are just smooth lol

□ Sound: Nothing much to say, its just there. Now Im not a voice acting expert but I kinda did enjoy the voices too! Its japanese man, what more can i ask for?!

□ Gameplay: Somehow unique. I use auto tho which just does everything for me in battle so i dont mind about it much. You raise cards and characters you pull for, its generic but its of the same genre of any other gacha game so its fine

□ Story: I have yet to dive too deep into it lolol, but from what I can tell, its slow. I dont mind tho, the voices are what im there for-

□ Conclusion: I have seen people complain about the lack of male characters but what do yall expect lmao. Be idk...patient?? Theres already one in a banner and mind you, it was very easy to pull for him. The game is somewhat generous so either you use the gems or save irdc. Theres so much potential to this game. Please...just wait...xddd

Anyways thats my basic thoughts, we all have differing opinions but thats what makes us well DIFFERENT AHAHAH

Here have a black cat for bad luck ♡

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Alice Fiction Gameplay: https://youtu.be/PM3N--HLvAA



Ещё одна клише гача... Из плюсов выделяется только боёвка, стиль и музыка

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