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Seven Knights Revolution

Seven Knights Revolution

Seven Knights Revolution

Adrian Dar


gacha rates soooo bad 50pulls no 4stars.🙄🙄🙄

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decent game, the game has auto stuff but they very clearly mark ur quests and where you need to go so you dont need to aimlessly wander around trying to progress in the story. the darker skin tones actually look decent in game and arent ashy asf. the graphics are amazing and im comfortably enjoying it on the highest settings on my ipad. idk the story line because i dont know korean. the combat is ok. the value on the game is up to you guys to decide

muneesh yadav


.... Ok here we go -1 for the combat . Really chunky can't auto attack as it take like 1 sec to do the attack while eating DMG on the face, Targeting is like sk2 same click on a button and select the enemy. Skill animation, basic attack and combo skills are too chunky have like 1 sec delay in them or something. -1 graphic : come on, u guys made sk2 so beautiful and this .......... Like a graphic of 10 years old PC game and 2 years old p2w mobile games. -1 story is avg not good not bad. -1 lag : will ignore the graphic situation if this lag is not there but nope lagging so hard in the tutorial...... In the fking tutorial. -1 hang : it making my phone run like a 10 years old PC with I3 ( 10 years old gen with 4 GB ram ) with windows 11. Can't even swipe down notification bar without it lagging with game open ..... How do u guys do that, with 9 GB download size . It like this game was designed to run on the PC than mobile but guess what its PC version is not released, and this buggy/ laggy game for mobile. 😭

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