DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE | European

DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE | European

DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE | European

Pearl Sea


Beautiful graphics and nice gameplay. Also good voice acting. Decent gem drop rate and gacha pricing. BUT!
1. Infinite data to be loaded. To start you need 8gb and need to download 2gb worth of data everyday.
2. Summon rates are OK. It means you need to pay to get SSR cards and limit break orbs.
3. Game modes are the same. Just get in the dungeon and.... battle.
4. Interactions are predictable .
5. Outfits, items... Go grind unfortunate f2p 🙁

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Really fun game and tge gacha rates aren't too low so you have a good chance of getting a new character



Infinite loading screen[汗顏]. Force you to download 4g trash the first day you log in[發火]. Always freezes in the town page and no way to avoid it, I have to reboot several times to get lucky to get in the guild[發怒]. Most characters need to get 6copys of each to really do the trials. Not recommended for f2p[no] Can't take it anymore. Took me more than half hour to just get in the guild. [發怒]This game make any other junk games I had played before looks better.

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